Imagine you had the ability to evaluate the input of emotions, thoughts, sensations, memories , imagination, beliefs and dreams , together with input from your senses, which synergistically , compose the components of your perception, then, remove the negative sides and then, absorb and digest their  added value. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

That is Wellness on Demand.

Imagine two drivers may be stuck in a traffic jam. One is relaxed, using the time to listen to an audio book, drinking his coffee, smiling to himself in the mirror and to the world.

The other, is stressed, mad, blows the horn, and feels anxiety attack, starting to develop.


Guess who has activated Wellness on Demand?

Can anybody learn to generate Wellness on Demand?

The answer is – absolutely!!!

It starts with a common sense mindset of self observation.  Nobody can do this inner learning exploration for you, but you.

Observe the operating system of your being.

You are a BodyMindSpirit being. Some of you don’t acknowledge, recognize, or are aware of your  SPIRIT Dimension. Whether you know it or not,  it is the infinite wisdom and Awareness of  Coherent Whole , Harmonic Essence of You.

In general there are three modes of interactions in your inner subsystems components :

Positive – elevates your energies /vitality

Negative – drains your energies /vitality

Neutral – doesn’t add or drain energies /vitality


Who is the manager in your BodyMindSpirit Being?


Body says- I sense

Emotions says- I feel

Mental says- I think

Spirit says- I perceive the essence

Imagination says- I imagine

Belief system says- I belief

Dream system says- I dream


When Spirit is connected to BodyMind – you become BodyMindSpirit and this is the component that can activate Wellness in you.

Spirit pours in, when you facilitate empty space in BodyMind.

Thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination, believes and   dreams, stream together nonstop in the desktop of your mind, when you are in conditions of silence and calmness, spirit's wisdom manifests in you.


Let’s get pragmatic:

In order to generate and implement peace and balance and activate  Wellness on Demand, you need incorporate the following conditions:

  1. Eat well to nourish your cells with vitamins and minerals

  2. Sleep well 7-8 hours of good quality sleep

  3. Move your body

  4. Reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily

  5. Explore and apply your creativity which is manifestation of your spiritual dimension.

The upper daily positive habits will enable to optimize the usage of vitality and positively be active without letting negative energies and stress take you out of balance, and off tune. The above 5 elements will harmonize your subsystems, empower your immune system and make you a compassionate human being.












That’s all!!!

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**** if you work in a workplace as employee or manager or owner or if you are a customer or a partner, - you need to make sure you have  the rights conditions of wellness in that space. 

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