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Are you Body ?

Are you BodyMind?

Are you BodyMindSpirit?

We at TheSoundwell produce inspiring wellbeing activities,   to turn your space

into a Temple of Tranquility


BodyMindSpirit Harmony



My name is Avigail Berg-Panitz - I’m a social & wellness entrepreneur, and owner of TheSoundWell.

My passion is to  facilitate BodyMindSpirit wellness-wellbeing  in your SPA


Practically we provide uplifting  experiential  tools and content for personal and group activities: 

  • Healthy food to nourish your cells

  • Exercise and move your body

  • Sleep better

  • Reduce mental, physical and emotional stress

  • Manifest your creativity

  • Turn your Body into a pipe of energy

  • Expand  capabilities and perception

  • How to harmonize inner systems

  • Become your own self healer

  • Adopt tools for positive  social ecosystem

  • Adopt tools for positive physical ecosystem                                                                                  


The New SPA is more then a place to  beautify and pamper the physical body. It's an experiencing  center for dynamic balance and harmonizing  inner systems.

The beauty of  Wellness2SPA is that it generates more income, engages and encourages clients to arrive more frequently to your space – because the enrichment activities, self -care tools and fun.

Our story

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to activate new spiritual wellness-wellbeing

dimensions to your SPA

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I will also advice how you can add to your SPA the components of  becoming a Wellness Center to businesses in your region.

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be well

Avigail Berg-Panitz , CEO TheSoundWell

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