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We are here to bring wellness
to your recovery center
what is- wellness on demand, demand wellness
in a recovery center?

If I ask you : WHAT IS DYNAMIC BODYMIND BALANCE, what would you say?

This is not a philosophical or intellectual question this is a pragmatic question.

If you are a Medical Doctor in a rehab, or psychotherapist, physical therapist, a person recovering in  a rehab, a parent of a person staying in a rehab –

Take a break of what you are doing  right now, and observe this question closely.



Whether you perceive yourself as a bodymind or bodymindspirit, zoom into your subsystems:

 Imagine “spaghetti like” threads between the physical systems: skeleton, muscular, blood,  nervous, digestive, brain, respiratory, lymphatic, immune,  reproductive, and the cell system.


Mind Systems which are: thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination, and beliefs system.

This is a spaghetti of complex dynamic and nonstop interactions of triggers and reactions or causes and effects.

Literally, this spaghetti  happens in all of us at this very moment.

The fact that we cannot really track in real- time, a thought that may cause tension in a specific muscle, doesn’t not mean, that is does not occur.

We and professional healthcare experts, may say looking backwards :”yes his life was such a mess, he was stressed, and that is why he got a heart attack”

The problem with our spaghetti mind, is that sometime, it gets us, so much out of control,  that it becomes chaotic. It drains our vitality, damages our behavior, and sets out of tune, our perception of reality.

Health experts will say things such as:

“yes we see statistic tendencies in genetic family tree”

“your addition is not your fault, this is illness”

“you have so much stress in your life , bad habits are your ways to escape”

And  so on and so on … (and I'm not cynical).


The big serious question is:

” OK, now that you are in a rehab, how can WE all make sure that you get the best , most appropriate treatment to get you back on your feet, and provide you with the best self help tools, to facilitate  and assist  you, to drive your life independently and  be happy?"


Who is WE? Mainly rehab center team and also family members/friends  that support you .


Our suggestion:

Adopt and implement our Wellness on Demand , Demand Wellness perception  in your rehab.

The core points of Wellness on Demand-Demand Wellness are summarized here:


1.BodyMind interactions are dynamic and complex, yet when people reach unbalance, they drain their vitality daily as negative spiral, until they reach a situation in which their habits and behavior are self-destructive, their perception of reality is not clear, and their physical body doesn’t have the right conditions to keep healthy, in positive well-being and back to homeostasis. This is a yellow light turning into red sign to illness.

2. Spaghetti minds are here to stay. Most of us don’t know the subconscious subroutines or mind clouds that includes – experiences, thoughts, emotions, sensations, beliefs and imagination which generate the bubble of reality we are in, and push us to act. Yet  from an energy point view, let's list things that increase vitality and when they aren't sufficient, their lack will make us less vital, with no power and less motivated to change our habits.


Healthy food,

Reduction of  mental, physical and emotional stress daily

Body movement

Good night sleep


Eco friendly social atmosphere

Echo friendly physical environment

Personal supportive path to progress


3. When one’s vitality balance is positive and if the approach of the rehab is based on the following 6P: - Personal, Proactive, Preventive, Perseverance, Positive Performance, s/he will engage his/her motivation and inner drive to the PROGRAM  with the goal to gather passion and inner drive to make the change, and collaborate in the process of recovering from addiction.


Read more about our Wellness On Demand, Demand Wellness approach.

Practically, there are two sides to success: 8things of wellness the recovery center management and therapeutic team should implement and 5things the individual  needs apply from his/her end.

**** though addiction recovery rehab is very different from physical rehabilitation center, – the approach of making sure that an individual  is in positive dynamic bodymind balance and adding wellness conditions to the center, may be  winning  factors for any type of rehab .

reduce stress becuase it overwhelms the mind
Do you personalize the treatment
I get here?

Deep inside I have wings

Only now, they got clotted in deep layers of my being.


Deep inside I know I can get things together.

Only now, I’m confused in a maze,I don’t even know what is my mood’s weather.

Deep inside I am talented and created

Only now, temporarily, I have  no power – as if I’m self-deserted.

If I could trust and feel you are sincere,

in efforts to get me out of here,

With the ability to find my way to drive life and enjoy the journey,

My internal wings will give me a push – I will smile and feel again worthy.

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