support  WELLNESS

in the community

Support Wellness in the Community
hi , lets meet to prepare a Wellness in the Community event to your employees, partners and clients.

Support Wellness in the Community Project:

As a space holder leader / manager, we are reaching out to  you to contribute and give a taste of positive experience of  harmony and inner  wellness-well being balance:

Unburden – Unwind  Stress

Recharge vitality, positive energies and improve performance in your public space

We offer – 3 or 5 days 6 hours a day, in which your employees, partners and customers will get inner body massage for 15 minutes each. +  tips about wellness-wellbeing presentation

we charge $1 for a minute = $360 a day

what we bring:

2   room dividers to create a private space

1  massage table

1  UnWindMe MAT

wall seperator.png

UnWindMe Mat is Vibroacoustic therapy mat

It has built-in transducers that stream harmonic low sound frequencies.

You lie on the mat and you get inner body massage - felt as gentle waves rinsing every organ tissue and cell in your body.

After a session of 15 minutes you feel recharged with vitality and unburdened of stress and fatigue.



My name is Avigail Berg-Panitz I’m a social & wellness entrepreneur.

My passion is to  facilitate wellness in your workspace.


Wellness are the conditions and atmosphere you generate in your workplace  to enable  the sensation, of perceiving positive well-being, better health and joy in your clients, partners and employees:

  • Healthy food to nourish your cells

  • Exercise and move your body

  • Sleep better

  • Reduce mental, physical and emotional stress

  • Manifest your creativity

  • Expand your capabilities and perception

  • Adopt tools for positive  social ecosystem

  • Adopt tools for positive physical ecosystem                                                                                  



who we are:

We - at TheSoundWell  apply a new wellness paradigm - Wellness On Demand - Demand Wellness.

We perceive, that every workplace is a living organism and owners / managers should take care of  employees, partners, and clients' wellness conditions. 

We adopt 5Ps:  Positive, Proactive, Personalized, Preventive wellness-wellbeing lifestyle  Paradigm.

We close the gap between therapeutic modalities and self help tools

Our tag line : - Drive life - Enjoy The Journey.

Support Wellness in The Community is one of our projects.

Learn More about what we do:

Avigail Berg-Panitz

The SoundWell