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let's identify the problem: stress!!!

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As a student I can tell, life is more complicated than you think.

No matter what age I’m in, school is very challenging.

My capacity and potential are larger then what tests show.

I could be much better if stress was not part of my inner conditions, you know…

I have a lot on my mind – thoughts, emotions, memories, sensations, friends, teachers, parents, love and my personal needs.


Sometimes I hide from others and even from myself about the tension   I’m in.

I am excited about school and some fields intrigues me a lot.

But my overwhelmed mind are the reasons for the low grades I’ve got.


I don’t sleep well  and the food I eat sucks,

Maybe I could solve my problems if I only had more  bucks..

I wish I had a personal, portable  magic  mat.

That I would lie on it and it would massage me from within like a spoiling purring cat.


It will clear and calm my mind from all those bouncing thoughts,

Unwind me form all pressure and worries and clear my inner knots.

I wish to have the sharpest mind and be easy going with friends,

I would lie on my magic mat and all my problems – will  hocus-pocus just end.


My UnWindMe mat would be my very secret pal.

Bringing  me peace, joy  and freedom – like a jumping horse released from a corral.

what if we had a special mat


The bottom line: Our Children are stressed and we don't even know...



Let’s face it, we see our children less and less.  From their daycare to college, we have our own limitation and missions and as they grow up, they have theirs school and afternoon activities and duties.

At night, how often do you have a family dinner that enables good interaction and conversation about what’s going on in their life?

Yes I know about parents’ instincts, yet, honestly, how many times were you surprised by your children’s behavior? And even more his/her physical -emotional-mental state of being?

Many times only when things get out of control, at school or with friends we learned about the outcome and aftermath of a drama in their life. Many parents are so shocked to learn that their children BECAME ADDICTED TO DRUGS AND ALCOHOL as result of social pressure or psychological escape from stress and conflicts.

Stress is physical, emotional and mental. Each dimension , fuels the others. It doesn’t matter if things are “only in their heads”. For them, it’s a real reality: a low grade, a nasty insult of a friend (directly or online), a test or non-formal competition among friends. 

Children and even teens very often, don’t say” I’m stressed” . In many occasions they are not aware of the (FFF)fight, flight or freeze creation and copying with “ imaginative threatening situations”.

Though we cannot hold our children’s hands continuously… and as they grow, we need to respect their privacy and rely on their judgement, we can still offer them self- help tools to reduce stress daily.



Students in college are no less stressed, on the contrary:






They need to manage their time, their priorities, if they work, it’s even harder. They need to be attentive and focus on their studies. They are attracted to social activities, love life and family obligations and demands.

They need to learn what is body-mind balance, attunement, wellness and well-being.

They need to eat healthy, have 7 quality sleeping hours, move their body and exercise, reduce stress daily and create inner conditions for effective learning.


Counselors, parent, and students, if you read this – I suggest – UnWindMe – vibroacoustic therapy mat:

It’s personal, portable and light and they can carry it wherever they go.

we offer two affordable vibroacoustic therapy systems : MAT & massage table and pillows  
Do you get the feeling?
harmonic low sound vibrations waves, rinsing and hugging you from within like gentle waves in a still lake.
We are 65% water. Vibroacoustic therapy, harmonically, vibrates every organ, tissue and cell and minimizes overwhelmed mind
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let's identify the problem: stress!!!