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​​This book is intended to provide you with information about Vibroacoustic therapy and how you can apply it as a customer for self-use or incorporate it as a therapist or wellness/spa business owner.


Vibroacoustic therapy is an integrative wellness platform that can be used as a preventive modality to recharge vitality by reducing stress, insomnia and anxiety. Therapists may also use it as an integrative tool to reduce acute and chronic pain.


If google, “Vibroacoustic Therapy” you will find that some companies use the term Vibroacoustic therapy , as a session  in which you stream music  into the body through the speakers that are embedded in a mat or a recliner (or a pillow).


This book is based on the original Vibroacoustic therapy perception invented and designed by Olav Skille from Nordic countries (Norway and Finland) in which one streams a single harmonic low sound frequency in the range between 30hz-120hz . The frequency is converted into gentle vibrations that are sensed as inner body massage.


The process itself is very soothing and felt as if you hug yourself from within, while harmonic low sound waves, “rinse your body and mind”.


The outcome is a feeling of; less stress, pain, insomnia and anxiety and a boost of vitality.

You feel  more clarity and the VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) process, minimizes the  overwhelmed streams of negative thoughts, emotions, memories and imagination that may fuel stress.



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