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We are here to help find a way to you reduce INSOMNIA daily

Nightmare is a not necessarily a bad dream

Nightmare is  a combination of stress , fatigue and still, you can’t  fall asleep.


There are several reasons why you can’t get into sleeping mode.

Is it pain or worry or maybe excitement that pushes  you away from dream world?


If it happens a night a week, you can still cope with results,

Yet if you accumulate none sleeping hours, it exhausts not exults.


Then your perception and decision Making, go off tune.

You yawn; none focused and tired even before noon.


So take care of your insomnia, it’s bad for your cells.

Your behavior and temperament are damaged as well.


Your immune system and vitality will go down the road.

Try natural solutions, to prevent drugs dependency and addiction load.

let's identify the problem:
"I Can't SLEEP!!!"

  an inability to sleep; chronic sleeplessness, restlessness,vigil,stress, fatigue, wakefulness,,

1. sleeplessness, night, hypnagogia, migraine, drowsiness, 

narcolepsy, constipation, irritability, hypersomnia, fibromyalgia, 

depression, sleep apnea, tiredness, nausea, tinnitus,  

premenstrual syndrome, dizziness, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety disorder, depressive disorder, somnolence, . 

bipolar disorder, epilepsy, enuresis, hay fever, premature ejaculation

cataplexy, restless,chronicprimaryfatalfamilialseverepersistentonset,initialtransientpsychophysiologicalnervousearlyacute,termmildterminalpsychophysiologicinducedsecondary,idiopathicrelatedsimpleobstinateoccasional,maintenancelifecompleteintractableterrible,nocturnalmiddlesubjectivesituationalexperimental,ideallatetemporarysignificantfeverishfrequent,moderateintermittentseriousdelayedconditioned,extremeconstantsporadichealthydistressing,perpetualassociatedsleepdependentgeriatric,recurrentprotractedfunctionalabsoluteprogressive,troublesomeprofoundmorninghabitualprolonged,pediatricperiodicparadoxicaluntreatedcontinued,consequentbehavioralrestlessneuroticlifelong,alcoholicnightincurablepsychicmarkeddreadful

what if we had a special mat

Let’s face it –we are a complex bio-machine which needs to nourish and manager  7.2 trillion cells daily.

We need you to sleep high quality sleep for 7-8 hours because while we participate in our dream world, – our internal rinsing mechanism takes place, to remove toxic material from brain and body cells.

In addition, sleep helps us balance and recover tissues and cells.

Observe and  manage your vitality and energy consumption  in a very pragmatic way:

We intake energy from the food we eat.  Every activity including thoughts, motions, sensations, memories, and imagination, use our energy storage.

The problem with unbalanced habits such as drinking, obesity and overwhelmed mind with stressful negative scenarios –  is that they fuel more unbalance conditions to our bodymind.

Insomnia is an additional indicator that our mental and physical systems are out of tune:

You sleep less, you are tired the next day, your immune system weakens, your decision making is poor and your perception is not clear.

You are the manager of your 37.2 trillion cells .

Evaluate the situation you are in. life has to do with balance. If in Christmas eve or new year party you didn’t sleep all night… you can assume the next day will be a great day to relax and not do anything important. If for several nights you can't sleep because you are in pain, you probably know the reason why you don’t sleep and you need to address the pain reasons.

Yet if you have anxiety and stressful negative imaginative scenarios you build up while you are awaked in bed even though you are tired. – take care of your stress.

What can you do about it?












What is Vibroacoustic Therapy 

Harmonic low sound frequencies in the range between 30hz-120 hr are streamed from your phone apps through an amplifier to a special mat (sound table, recliner) with built in transducers. The low sound is felt as gentle inner body massage or soothing harmonic low sound rinsing and hugging you from within.    

Olav Skille the inventor (Norway/Finland) –, found the correlation of specific frequencies to ease pain and stress in different parts of the body.

Using Vibroacoustic therapy does not replace medical treatment or diagnosis. Therefore, if you have pain that doesn’t go away, go see your doctor. Yet if your pain is unfortunately “here to stay”, consider adding Vibroacoustic Therapy. _

If your doctor doesn’t know anything about it, refer him/her to our websites = www.vibro-therapy.com and eBook



The beauty of Vibroacoustic therapy:

1. It’s a standalone independent therapy, yet it can be incorporated and integrated with any other treatment or therapy.

2. It’s a therapeutic modality but also a self-help tool – you can increase your life quality at home.

3. You can confuse pain by using different frequencies as result your nerves will signal less pain.

4. Vibroacoustic therapy is inner body gymnastic – it keeps things moving in you. And movement is life. Non mobility is non-life. Sense it. Feel it from within.

we offer the following affordable vibroacoustic therapy systems :  
Do you get the feeling?
harmonic low sound vibrations waves, rinsing and hugging you from within like gentle waves in a still lake.
We are 65% water. Vibroacoustic therapy, harmonically, vibrates every organ, tissue and cell and minimizes overwhelmed mind

Imagine you had a special mat

It is waiting for you to finally stop running in the maze like a rat.

You select a single low sound frequency,

You lie your body, breathe deeply and easily.

You feel gentle waves hugging you from within;

Ticklish sensation, on and under your skin.

You sense your mind slowing down from overwhelming stress,

Soothing vibrations shut down negative scenarios that fuel imaginative mess.

Slowly you perceive inner bodymind peace,

Balance, attunement, and harmony, increase.

After a half an hour of session on your special mat,

You feel recharged with vitality, yet calmed like a spoiled purring cat.

Your attitude is positive and your mind is sharp and clear,

You can be the best of you, creative, no worry and no fear.

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