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Food for thought:

Your brain is the command, control, and management center of your BEING.

How do you optimize

its functionality?

How do you keep it sane?




Did you know that you feed inconceivable, around 100 billion neurons, daily? Your brain is, not only the command, control and operating system of your mental and physical activities, it is the site of your mind.

The mind is the software in your brain.


Tony Stephen's story
The formulator of Q96
short interview


Tony Stephan - Formulator of EMPowerplus Q96 tells his story about losing his wife to suicide and the journey it sent him on to save his children from the devastating effects of Mental Illness. Now, 17 years later, his formulation EMPowerplus Q96 has reached millions across the globe.


Tony Stephen full presentation



Personal testimonials


"I couldn't cope with the streams of negative thoughts, emotions, memories and imaginative scenarios that drained my vitality and made me sad. With Q96, I happily, drive life again." :)
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