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What are the components of loyalty, engagement, and trust?

Catching & giving attention, facilitating effective communication, forming a culture of implementing high quality of service, and having win-win results.

These are "the soft parameters of business growth"


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Hi, I am Avigail


Things I do:

I’m a wellness and  social entrepreneur, a workshop producer, and facilitator. I’m holistic & integrative therapist, a healer, a writer.

I also train how to use a Linkedin & WIX as powerful business development tools.


My background:

Many years of experience in executive roles in the Israeli Hitech (business development, marketing manager, and business trainer) have led me to become a bridge between wellness & transformation spiritual world and leadership & organization development in the business world.


I have MA in Holistic Health from Lesley University, BA in social studies from Hebrew University. I'm a massage and vibroacoustic therapist.

Our new wellness paradigm includes 5p:

proactive, preventive, personalized, positive performance.

- we close the gap between therapeutic modalities and self help tools

- we include creativity, motivation and self help tools in wellness@work

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